Social Marketing

Engage With Educators on Social Platforms

Social is essential for today’s marketers, and educators are especially active on social media sites. Platforms where your audience spends so much online time are a prime location for relevant messaging.


For MDR, WeAreTeachers is a powerful and trusted social voice. From this exclusive platform, we launch proven programs to leverage the power of viral social marketing and generate valuable leads.

WeAreTeachers attracts teachers by providing engaging, valued content. Over several years, we’ve built a loyal audience receptive to new brands presented within that community. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to reach influencers and committed educators with your relevant content. See our latest engagement stats

WeAreTeachers programs allow you to engage teachers through creative and fun content-driven programs that share teaching ideas, product reviews, and getting free stuff for classrooms. The result is positive brand association with a targeted audience that trusts the WeAreTeachers community. Check out the site

Connecting Through Social Media

MDR has built tools that help you engage educators in social spaces in a way that no other provider can do. Using your social platforms, or our own, we can connect you to the targeted educators on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest you want to influence.

Social Advertising puts your message in front of educators on the social platforms where they spend time. Digital Advertising Solutions target educators wherever they spend time online.

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Positive Feedback

“I would like to thank you for all the wonderful activities, quotes, etc. You have been an inspiration and guide to me this year as I embarked on a new situation as an enrichment teacher EK to 6th grade.”

– A WeAreTeachers Visitor