School Leaders Now

The BEST WAY to Connect With School Leaders

Tap into MDR’s School Leaders Now website and social channels to engage with district and school decision-makers.


MDR is now offering sponsored content and promotion programs through School Leaders Now to partners interested in engaging with district and school leaders.
In addition to quality content tailored for this audience, these programs include multi-channel promotion through MDR’s exclusive Connected Reach™, giving you targeted access to administrators through web, email, social, and digital ad channels.

Audience Reach By Channel


  • Direct Mail 500,000
  • Email 300,000
  • Web Ads 335,000
  • Social Match 160,000

Ed Tech

  • Direct Mail 400,000
  • Email 230,000
  • Web Ads 260,000
  • Social Match 102,000

K-12 Schools at Their Best

MDR’s new website and social media platforms focus on fresh and practical advice from the trenches. We help K-12 administrators help one another foster successful schools and students. Our mission is to share the best advice and inspiration so school administrators can face their most critical educational issues with insight and confidence.

Topics of Interest

We’ve learned that administrators who come to School Leaders Now have a growth mindset. They get up each morning ready to learn, grow, give, and have a good laugh. The educators sharing on our channels are sophisticated, tech-savvy, and well-informed. They are interested in a range of education topics including:

  • Student Achievement
  • Educational Technology
  • Leadership
  • Opinion
  • Budgets
  • Student Assessment
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Inspiration

School Leaders Now Solutions

School Leaders Now offers awareness, engagement, traffic, and lead generation programs for our partners.

  • Social Promotion
  • Gated Lead Magnet Programs
  • Sponsored Articles
  • Sponsored Articles with Slideshow
  • Retargeting & Nurturing

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