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The Risk of Dirty Data Report

Downloadable Report on How to Clean Up Your Data

This report is designed for education marketers to see just how dirty data can be and how it could be hurting your ROI.

We are obsessed with education data—in fact, we created the original and still the definitive database in the industry. So, we know what it takes to keep education data clean and what a difference it can make in campaign performance.

The biggie?  Clean data results in 66% higher revenue!

In this report you’ll learn how dirty data can impact your campaign results and how to be sure your data is fresh and clean. We researched far and wide to offer you great tips you can really apply to cleaning up your act (if needed!) to maximize ROI.

Inside you’ll see:

  • What a high churn rate in education actually means for your database
  • Why relying on low-cost or free data sources will end up costing you in the long run
  • What a good data hygiene program looks like

Give Me the Dirt on Data!

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