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MDR Does Data Differently. Period.

Everyone knows accurate data is necessary in business today. Marketers know that this affects performance. And with CEOs, GMs and other leaders regularly asking for analytics and reporting, accurate data and performance cannot be overlooked.

There is an abundance of low cost, low quality data sources available. You may even be told by these companies that it’s ok to have your performance decline because you’ll save a bunch of money. For email marketing the rationale is usually that if your audience universe is large, low performance on opens and clicks could be made up by sending massive volumes of emails. It’s frankly just bad advice and your IP reputation score will likely suffer.

MDR thinks about data differently.  We can’t help it.  We are relentlessly curious and data inspired. 


How MDR’s Dynamic Data Process Sets Us Apart

MDR takes decisive and essential steps to ensure that the data we provide to you is the most recent, reliable and accurate available. We invest an unmatched level of both human and technology resources to drive our multi-source, multi-channel data acquisition strategy to provide you with up-to-date information all year long.

MDR’s Dynamic Data Process uses:

  • Extensive phone interviews with schools, districts, and state departments
  • Direct connectivity with central office staff at the largest school districts
  • Electronic data feeds from state DOEs
  • Online data mining and aggregation
  • Daily email validation and accuracy testing
  • Data linkage and overlay to best-of-breed data partners

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The MDR Dynamic Data Difference:

Making the news vs. reporting the news


Old-school data companies that monitor or scrape school websites as their data source are reporting outdated information. MDR does data differently. We ping our contacts virtually every day to detect changes. We identify changes as they happen and modify our database right away. Working with MDR means having a partner that doesn’t report on what has happened – we report the news when it happens.

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