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EdNET Insight

The Trusted Source of Market Intelligence

EdNET Insight is the K-12 education industry’s trusted source for information and consulting services, combining the proven power of research and analysis with recognized industry experts to deliver an insightful, comprehensive view of the trends and influences that are shaping the education market today—and tomorrow.

EdNET Insight...Information You Can Count On

EdNET Insight’s information and consulting services combine the power of research and analysis with recognized industry experts to deliver actionable insight so you can make informed business decisions.

Anchored by the annual State of the K-12 Market report, EdNET Insight members receive a broad range of services:

  • Industry reports based upon rigorous primary and secondary research and filled with insightful analysis of trends in the education industry
  • Custom research and consulting services to support decision making in marketing, sales, business development, and product development
  • Online briefings and roundtables featuring industry experts and education leaders who explore important trends, such as Common Core State Standards, mobile computing, and online professional development models
  • Reviews provide expert in-depth evaluation and recommendations in the area of focus most important to you—marketing, sales, or your website
  • Unbiased, actionable information for allocating resources, assessing risks and opportunities, and making tactical and strategic plans

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Preview: State of the
K-12 Market 2013

The State of the K-12 Market 2013 report

Contents and List of Figures and Tables, Parts I, II, III, and IV ››

State of the K-12 Market Part I

Part I Preview ››

State of the K-12 Market Part II

Part II Preview ››

State of the K-12 Market Part III

Part III Preview ››

State of the K-12 Market Part IV

Part IV Preview ››


The EdNET Insight Team

The foundation of EdNET Insight is a team of experienced industry experts focused on helping your business succeed.

Kathleen BrantleyKathleen Brantley, Director, EdNET Insight
With over 20 years in the industry, Kathleen has an in-depth understanding of the unique characteristics of the education market and the emerging trends that impact how schools operate. Her expertise is often leveraged to help marketers design and implement successful sales and multi-channel marketing strategies. As the Director of EdNET Insight, she leads a team of proven industry experts focused on helping your business succeed.

Anne WujcikAnne Wujcik, EdNET Senior Analyst
Anne has been a leading voice in education research for over 25 years and serves as editor of our customer newsletter since its inception at the Heller Reports. She is a trusted consultant for policy and strategic plans and an effective market researcher with strong focus group skills. Anne builds on a commitment to education that started in the classroom and will provide significant insight and guidance to members of this new service.


Nelson HellerNelson Heller, President, The HellerResults Group
Regarded as one of the leading experts in the K-12 market, Nelson pioneered the education newsletter and conference business, founding EdNET, the industry’s leadership networking conference, more than 20 years ago. He leverages his 30 years in education to help define your business strategy and connect you with new opportunities. Nelson is a noted expert and frequently keynotes and speaks at events worldwide.