MDR Dynamic Data Compilation and Verification

Data Acquisition

dataqualityicons_10_26_assemblyOur researchers know that there is no single source for gathering education data and information, and that relying on any single data outlet runs the risk of incomplete and inaccurate information. That’s why MDR’s modern, multi-source data acquisition strategy ingests data from a wide variety of sources to ensure that we get the best, most comprehensive and complete information available. While assembling the data, our team conducts thousands of interviews, manages hundreds of electronic data exchanges, mines online resources, and secures data from multiple data outlets, both online and offline.

Data Linkagedataqualityicons_10_26_investigation

After assembling the raw information, our expert staff organizes the data using MDR’s industry-leading institutional numbering schema and taxonomy of job functions and roles. Our team is expert at taking highly unstructured and incomplete data, such as that found on school websites, and organizing it in a rational, normalized, and structured manner.

Data Verification

Before we make the data available to clients, it undergoes a rigorous series of accuracy checks and verification processes. Our expert team of analysts performs hundreds of spot checks on individual records and detects patterns and trends that warrant a more thorough data investigation.  Using big data techniques, modern analytics, and good old-fashioned detective work, we review and verify all of our data before we release it.

dataqualityicons_10_26_verificationIn addition, we have engineered techniques that enable us to test for data accuracy on a massive scale by using the hundreds of millions of emails we send on behalf of clients as a quality checkpoint. Using this pioneering technique, we can continually test the accuracy of email addresses, usually the most volatile data attribute connected to a contact name. If we detect an inaccurate email address, our team investigates. The MDR database is continually updated to reflect any changes and, in many cases, the new information is available in the data we provide even before the school has updated its website.

Data Certification


After completing all of the data process steps, we send a representative sample of our file to a third-party auditor to certify the accuracy of the MDR database. We take this step for two reasons: it gives our clients confidence that MDR provides the highest quality education data and it provides an unbiased and neutral measure of excellence for our data team and processes.

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The MDR Dynamic Data Difference:

Making the news vs. reporting the news


Old-school data companies that monitor or scrape school websites as their data source are reporting outdated information. MDR does data differently. We ping our contacts virtually every day to detect changes.. We identify changes as they happen and modify our database right away. Working with MDR means having a partner that doesn’t report on what has happened – we report the news when it happens.

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