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MDR Announces New Members of EdNET 2016 Industry Advisory Board

January 14, 2016, Shelton, CT – MDR today announced the full membership roster for the EdNET 2016 Conference Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is a panel of industry executives who advise on the programming and formatting for the education industry’s premier networking and thought leadership event, EdNET. The annual EdNET Conference brings together over 500 attendees from across the education industry.

The EdNET Advisory Board is comprised of leaders from different education market segments who join together to make the EdNET Conference a valuable experience for all participants. Board members provide input into the program agenda, the selection of topics and speakers, and the overall layout of the conference presentations and activities. As veteran attendee, incoming board member Ellen Bialo, CEO and President, Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD), Inc., says, “I have been attending the EdNET Conference for as long as I can recall. And it has been, in my opinion, the best of the B2B conferences. Opportunities abound to network with people I know as well as newcomers. Being on the Advisory Board provides me with an opportunity to give back!”

Members of the 2016 EdNET Advisory Board include:

  • Ellen Bialo, CEO and President, Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD), Inc.
  • Alvin Crawford, CEO, Knowledge Delivery Systems, Inc.
  • Anthony Cross, VP, Analytics Portfolio & Marketing, Scantron
  • Clement Erbmann, Managing Director, First Analysis Corporation
  • Mila Thomas Fuller, Ed.D., Deputy Executive Director, National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
  • Judith L. Goldstein, VP, Marketing Communications, Pearson North America Strategy & Marketing
  • Matt Greenfield, Managing Partner, Rethink Education
  • Lupita Knittel, CEO, PlanetHS
  • Silver McDonald, Chief Commercial Officer, BrightBytes
  • John Murray, Executive Chairman, AdvancePath Academics, Inc.
  • Nicole Neal, Chief Executive Officer, Noodle Markets
  • Nader Qaimari, General Manager, Follett School Solutions, and Executive Vice President, Follett Corporation
  • Elissa Tomasetti, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Scholastic Education
  • Stephen Wakefield, Vice President, Discovery Education

The 2015 EdNET Conference addressed such topical issues as student data privacy, adaptive and personalized learning, and digital marketing attribution. In developing the agenda, board members will have the opportunity to draw attention to emerging trends for 2016. As EdNET Conference Manager Vicki Smith Bigham explains, “One of the most rewarding parts of my position is working with the EdNET Advisory Board each year. When we bring together this stellar group of industry executives—some of whom have been longtime EdNET supporters and some who are new to EdNET—we never fail to gain insights and recommendations that contribute to the impact and value of the conference.”

In an industry as ever-changing as education, aligning conference content to the most pressing issues and changes is a requirement. Having board members from diverse backgrounds ensures that hot and emerging topics get the attention attendees expect. “I am grateful to be a part of the 2016 EdNET Advisory Board. With the passing of the Every Student Succeeds Act at the end of last year, there are some exciting changes ahead for states and school districts, and I look forward to collaborating with colleagues on ways that vendors such as Scantron can best support the educational community,” said Anthony Cross, VP of Analytics Portfolio & Marketing at Scantron.

The 2016 EdNET Conference will be held in Dallas, Texas, from September 25 to 27.

For more information, visit http://ednetconference.com/.