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These online tutorials with video and sound provide step-by-step guidance on how to use MarketView, the online platform that delivers an integrated view of the K-12 and College markets with continuously updated information, to quickly find your next opportunity. 

MarketView Overview  

MarketView Overview

This easy, hands-on tour will show you how to use MarketView’s simple but powerful interface to search for the information you need to build and expand sales strategies, assign territories, and develop targeted sales and marketing initiatives.

MarketView Create & Save Lists  

Create and Save Lists

Here we give you step-by-step instructions on how to use MarketView’s powerful search engine to create, export, and save targeted lists. MarketView’s search features let you use multiple criteria—personnel, schools, districts, institution type, enrollment, expenditure per pupil, No Child Left Behind, and Title I (just to name a few)—to build customized profiles to fit your needs.

MarketView Email Alerts  

Setting Up Email Alerts

Setting up customized email alerts is one of MarketView’s most valuable features. This quick and easy-to-follow tutorial walks you through the process. It all starts with running a search and then selecting your trigger events. Every MarketView user should take advantage of this powerful tool to deliver critical information to your inbox.

MarketView Direct Connect  

How to Use Direct Connect

Direct Connect gives you the ability to send emails to decision makers via MarketView. Direct Connect gives MarketView subscribers email access to valuable contacts for sharing product information, scheduling appointments, and delivering timely messages to key decision makers based on changing marketing opportunities, such as funding and construction. With Direct Connect, users are able to send personalized email messages to district and school administrators and college personnel right from MarketView.

MarketView Administration  

How to Administer Your MarketView Account

Learn how to set up new users, assign licenses to those users, change passwords, and more in this quick yet information packed tutorial. 


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