List Documentation

Includes keycode definitions, CASS form, S.E.R.P. form, Fax Number Usage Restrictions, and other documentation for use with your MDR list order. In PDF format unless otherwise specified.

USPS Regulations

NCOA (The National Change of Address) Statistics Reports

→ Institutional NCOA report for school, college, library, and day care files
Educators at Home NCOA report
→ InfoBuyers NCOA report

Canadian Address Accuracy Statement.

→ S.E.R.P. Form

USPS CASS Summary Reports

CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) form is the certificate that represents MDR’s address accuracy as needed for the requirements of the United States Postal Service.

→ Institutional CASS report for school, college, library, and day care files
Educators at Home CASS report
→ InfoBuyers CASS report

Postal Code Information

→ DMA Code Descriptions
Listing of DMA Codes relating to designated market area.

→ FIPS State and County Codes
Listing of 3,142 FIPS county codes by state. This Microsoft® Excel file can be sorted and/or filtered as needed.

MDR List Documentation

→ Fax Numbers – Legal Restrictions on Usage
FCC guidelines on the acceptable use of fax numbers.

→ Job Function Codes
Listing of job codes relating to functions: administrative offices, schools, libraries, and day care centers.

→ Keycode Definition Guide
Alphabetical listing of keycode options including a definition for each.

→ Selection Glossary
A glossary of K-12 district titles and list selection definitions.


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