Week 4: Social Media Insider – Twitter

TIP 1:  Use your 140 wisely

While including Photos, Videos, Quotes, Numbers and Hashtags uses up your 140 characters, it does boost retweets. But by how much? See our chart below:

TIP 2:  Twitter is education’s think tank

The education community on Twitter is sophisticated, informed, and tech-friendly. It’s where educators get their news and a great place to connect with education thinkers, leaders, and administrators. 

TIP 3:  Follow the leaders

  • Carefully cultivate your “Top Accounts to Follow” list
  • Search keywords and hashtags to find influencers in your space
  • Build a list around these users, follow them, and retweet their content
  • See who they follow and retweet, and do the same
  • Strategically use hashtags and images in EVERY tweet

TIP 4:  Give credit where it’s due

Twitter thrives on reciprocation, i.e., retweets. Good content can be sourced from anywhere, and crediting that source raises their profile, and yours, when both audiences see that tweet. Choose carefully, the content you retweet reflects in your brand, too. 

TIP 5:  Make time to chat

Participate or listen-in on twitter chats to learn what’s on the minds of educators, but be respectful of the chat time. Make any content you share relevant and more informative than promotional. 

TIP 6:  Tweet what’s most retweetable

What makes educators want to share and retweet content?

  • It’s informative or useful to the user and their Twitter community
  • It makes them feel something … sentimental, happy, angry, etc.
  • It’s relatable or humorous; a slice of life 





I get that hashtags help put your content in front of the right audience. But how do I find the right hashtags?

A. #GreatQuestion, #GladYouAsked. The good news is that the web provides. You’ll find a very comprehensive list of education-related hashtags here, but I encourage you to check them out before using them. Hashtags can fall in and out of circulation, and you want to make sure you are sending your content to where the conversations are happening

Next week we’ll be talking Instagram.

Until next week, Stay Social!

-Social Gal


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