Week 7: Social Media Insider – Timing & Listening

TIP 1:  There are “Best” times for social posts

  • The Best times of the week for teachers are evenings and weekends
  • The Best times in the school year are holidays and special events
  • The Best times for all social channels are during teachers’ summer break
  • The Best times for Twitter and Instagram are around the clock, thanks to mobile

TIP 2:  Schedule posts, but don’t post blind

Scheduling tools like Seismic or HootSuite simplify the process of posting across channels and ensure you are hitting the sweet spot of just enough posts at the right times to be noticed. But stay aware of the larger conversations going on within your chosen channels, and within education, so you don’t get lost in the crowd or hit a sour note. 

TIP 3:  Why social listening is your secret weapon

Listening is due diligence for marketers, and social media gives you the gift of being a fly on the wall during more educator conversations than ever before. Part of social listening is paying attention to what is being said about your brand — and the competition — on social media. But it’s also tuning in to broader educational trends and hashtags, conversations about education, and general teacher sentiment and the way it shifts throughout the year. 

TIP 4:  Put your ear to the right ground

Your brand is being discussed online: Do you know what’s being said? The fact is, 31% of Tweets mentioning a brand don’t use their Twitter handle. Step one is putting the right tools in place to monitor mentions of your brand, like BuzzSumo or SocialFlow. Step Two is following key hashtags and influencers to find out what is happening in education.

We recommend:


TIP 5:  Be ready to act on what you hear

There’s a difference between monitoring and listening. Monitoring will catch the words, but listening captures the sentiment and the meaning. This means enjoying the good news and anticipating bad reviews. If people are disappointed with your brand, you need a plan for how the brand will respond. Your social team should have clear direction on when and what to say, what remediation actions they are authorized to take, and when to escalate an issue.



Q. I say reposting social posts is a bad idea, my colleague disagrees. Who’s right?

A. I picked this question because this week we’re talking about post timing, and that lets me say you’re both right! Spamming a feed with the same post repeatedly within a short time frame is a bad idea. But bringing back an older post that has topical currency today, or with an update, is a great idea. Remember, educators and teachers are busy people. If they missed your post the first time, they’ll appreciate a repost if it’s relevant and timely.

Next week we’ll be covering everyone’s hottest topic – social marketing measurement. Don’t miss it!

Until next week, Stay Social!

-Social Gal

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