Week 6: Social Media Insider – Social Opps

10 years ago there was no Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. 10 years from now, there will be new iconic apps in social media. Each new twist on the social media concept creates new opportunities for brands and teachers will make use of the social places where their students congregate.

So focus your efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, but explore and consider established and emerging social channels as well.

Get LinkedIn to influencers

While many educators may not be active users of LinkedIn, those who do tend to be thought leaders and decision makers. To make connections, look into joining groups; search LinkedIn.com/groups for groups like STEM Educators & Researchers and Education Technology Group – The 21st Century Classroom. Teachers on LinkedIn appreciate hearing about professional development options and resources.

Tomorrow’s educators use Snapchat today

Snapchat is a platform to watch, especially to target new, younger teachers:

  • Snapchat has 100 million users
  • 63% of all Snapchat monthly users in the U.S. are between the ages of 18 and 34
  • 45% of K-12 teachers are between the ages of 18 and 39
  • Snapchat content should be authentic and easily digestible
  • Use micro-stories to raise awareness and make friends for the future

Targeting a niche? Try Tumblr

This micro-blogging platform is made for subject matter fans to share what they love. A Tumblr blog can be a strong addition to your channel mix if it has a particular focus. Does your brand tend toward the artistic, visual, or techie? Then Tumblr might be a good match. Sharable, creative, or in-depth content that speaks to a defined audience will work best on Tumblr.

Don’t count Google+ out

While Google+ hasn’t really caught fire, all Google+ posts get indexed on Google – still the market giant with over 60% of searches. So yes, create a Google+ Business Page, if you don’t already have one, and if you are using a scheduler, like Hootsuite or SpoutSocial, double-post your Facebook posts to Google+ to help SEO on Google. 



Q. Once I create a post for one social channel, can I cross-post to all the others?

A. You can, but you shouldn’t—at least not in an identical format. We encourage cross-promotion vs. cross-posting: one message adapted into the “local” language for each channel’s audience. This is actually a great test of whether you have a properly unique communication strategy for each social channel; if you think a post can just be cross-posted, maybe think again!

Next week we’ll be talking social listening and social timing, and in Week 8 we’ll be covering everyone’s hottest topic – social marketing measurement. Don’t miss it!

Until next week, Stay Social!

-Social Gal

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