Week 3: Social Media Insider – Pinterest

TIP 1:  Teachers LOVE Pinterest

1.3 million education-related pins are shared every day. Teachers use Pinterest as a visual search engine to find, save and share lessons, crafts, products, activities and professional development materials.

TIP 2:  Pinterest is SEO-friendly

Pinterest boards and individual pins rank highly in Google searches, making it wonderful for teacher-friendly articles, checklists, and other long-term content plays that boost SEO performance over time.

Important: Educators are often on Pinterest searching for materials related to upcoming holidays and events. By adding pins to relevant content during these times of the year, it improves SEO performance.

TIP 3:  Raise your profile

When crafting your brand’s Pinterest profile, use a combination of SEO strategy, humor, and creativity.

Important: The first 4-6 boards on your profile are highlighted on most search engines. This is your chance to tell your brand’s story and why teachers should follow you.

TIP 4:  Boards should build your brand

  • Topics should be teacher-specific, focused, and search-optimized
  • Showcase your expertise through board topics
  • Use a photo with visual impact; Pinners scan; make them STOP!
  • Keep imagery timely and/or seasonally appropriate

TIP 5:  Keep pins thin and relevant

Because all pin images are resized to the same width, skinny vertical images are the most eye-catching. Pinterest uses captions to point people to the right content so think about SEO when writing captions as well. 

TIP 6:  Re-pin more than you pin

Of course you want to promote your own content on Pinterest, but sharing content aligned with your brand helps teachers find you. To start, repin about 3 to 4 times as often as you pin, then grow from there.  

TIP 7:  Grow with Guests and Groups

  • Guest pinners and group boards help build an audience quickly
  • They introduce you to the followers of contributing pinners
  • It’s easy: add a username to the “Who Can Pin” field
  • The board will show on your profile page, and the guest pinner’s as well



Q. Social Gal, Our company is launching a new Pinterest account in October. Do you have any advice for businesses just getting started on Pinterest?

A. Preparation is key. Start by creating a business account and confirming your site. This will provide you access to improved reporting and allow people to search and find your brand on Pinterest. Next, think about your audience. Make decisions on what boards and pins may appeal to them, and use web analytics if available and knowledge of your audience to help. Finally, have content created and be prepared to share pins daily, as it’s important to be consistent. If you are struggling to develop content, just remember you can pin or repin other people’s content as well.

Next week we’ll be talking Twitter.

Until next week, Stay Social!

-Social Gal

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