Week 5: Social Media Insider – Instagram

TIP 1:  Instagram is #1 for brands

Instagram allows users to post photos and interact with others posts by liking and commenting. Forrester Research rates Instagram as the No. 1 social media engagement tool for brands, beating out both Facebook and Twitter.

TIP 2:  Peek inside the classroom

Like Pinterest, Instagram helps teachers find and share content, but teachers use Instagram to share what is actually happening in their classrooms vs. future ideas. Follow teachers to see what they are using in their classrooms from decorations to curriculum.

TIP 3:  Hashtags create communities

Popular education hashtags are #teachersfollowteachers, #iteachtoo, #WeAreTeachers, and #teacherlife.

Teachers also connect with one another live by participating in #teachertalktuesday. And hashtags are searchable, so be sure to identify your posts by topic, i.e., #classroomdecor.

IP 4:  Select images for impact

Your Instagram stream should include only well-curated, high-quality images. Share photos that provoke an emotion from your followers. Teachers favor images they can relate to and will respond by liking, commenting, or regramming.


TIP 5: Experiment with moving pictures

Similar to other platforms, videos are becoming more common and popular. Instagram now allows for 60 seconds of video. This is your opportunity to explore different content ideas, and experiment with length and creative ideas.




Q. I’m no photographer, so how can I use Instagram for my brand? Are stock photos okay?

A. On stock photos, the answer is a BIG no. Instagram is about visually documenting real life—that’s especially true for teachers— so stock images are the opposite of the kind of authentic visuals you want for your brand. Focus more on the emotional content of your images and don’t worry so much about photographic perfection. Make use of cropping, filters, and other tools to make the most of the pictures you take. Use less “wow” images as backdrops for inspiring quotes or intriguing stats, and finally, experiment to see what images and hashtags resonate most with educators.

Next week we’ll be talking about other social networks that may interest your brand.

Until next week, Stay Social!

-Social Gal

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