Week 2: From Imposter to Social Media Insider – Facebook

TIP 1:  Be positive, smart and interesting

Educators don’t go on Facebook to interact with brands, but they will engage with brands that do Facebook well. Fit the mood of their newsfeed by creating posts that will make teachers smile, laugh, or think. If you would share it, so might they!

TIP 2:  Make the most of every post

  • Don’t repeat text that is already in a photo or link
  • Use text to do more than point to a link
  • Pull out a fact, image, or quote to entice the reader to click
  • Leave them with a takeaway thought, even if they don’t click through
  • Image-based posts don’t drive clicks, but they do drive shares

TIP 3:  Link or photo? Format matters

Match the post to the action you want readers to take.  

TIP 4:  Create the option to Opt In

A monthly or weekly giveaway, exclusive to people who Like you on Facebook, can build loyalty and your opt-in email list. So ask yourself: what would a teacher want?

For example, a recent WeAreTeachers Facebook campaign saw great engagement by offering daily giveaways to teachers during the holiday season. As a result, 20,000+ people clicked to sign up for the contest.

TIP 5:  Facebook is a free focus group

  • Test titles, images, ads, and marketing language
  • Try the same content in different post formats
  • Ask questions and listen
  • Experiment and apply the lessons learned



Q. Social Gal, when I create social posts on behalf of our company, whose voice do I use? Mine, the brand’s? I feel like a split personality. Help!

A. Part of establishing a social voice is defining your brand’s personality. Imagine someone who shares your company’s values, who is excited to talk about your offering, and who has a strong viewpoint on teachers and education. Feel free to flesh out who they are, what they like, and how they talk so you have a clear sense of the voice when you write for the brand. Have fun with it, and your readers will, too.  -Kristina James, Director of Marketing, MDR

Next week we’ll be talking Pinterest, and in Week 8 we’ll be covering everyone’s hottest topic – social marketing measurement. Don’t miss it!

Stay Social!

-Social Gal

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