People have been writing off email marketing for a few years now.

Are they correct?

Yes and no.
From MDR’s perspective as a leader in marketing to educators, we can say that email marketing as it was originally conceived is a dead end for marketers. As company Vice President of Product Management, Kevin Stein says, “The days of batch, blast and pray don’t work anymore. You have to be very targeted in your approach or you can actually have a negative response.” Recent trends in Open and Click-Through Rates confirm that the old-style, mass email campaigns are failing.

Understanding your audience, the content they consume and when they are interested in viewing it are critical. Kevin Stein adds, “Lots of people are struggling with inbox penetration; we struggle with it, too. But there are techniques that can give email campaigns the best opportunity for success.” So whether your current program is still going strong, or showing signs of declining performance, continually improving your email program is a necessity.

Keeping Email Alive

Yes, email can still be a vital channel for B2B education marketers. If it is done correctly. So, what does that mean?

Best Practices are Required

WateringAs the leading provider of email deployment services to the education market, we’ve learned which elements contribute to successful email delivery, open, and conversion. Over the next few weeks, we’ll walk through each one, providing actionable steps you can apply to ensure the emails you send get read, and get results.


Email Can’t Stand Alone

sproutKevin Stein says it best: “Email marketing is so different than it was even two years ago. Now, especially in the education vertical, it has to be part of a nurturing campaign. Email campaigns today need to be subsidized with web advertising, social advertising, and social pushes to wrap around the email.


Email Marketing 2.0

Join us for the next eight weeks as we go hands-on with tips on how to apply best practices and develop a nurture campaign that will breathe new life into your email marketing program. Long live email!