Week 1: From Imposter to Social Media Insider

Are your ears burning?

A: Somewhere on social media, teachers are discussing their need for your product, or if you’re lucky, your brand itself.

When you join the conversation you want your brand’s presence to be natural and welcome, not like an infomercial that no one asked to hear. Your first step is understanding the social landscape and MDR is ready to be your guide.

Social selling to teachers

Teachers everywhere share common goals and challenges, so social media is a natural fit as their virtual break room. They talk education policy in Twitter chats, pin curriculum ideas on Pinterest, show off student projects on Instagram, and so on.

 Teachers are avid social media users.

Increasingly, teachers are part of the purchase process. They search and identify products to use themselves, recommend products to peers, and in many cases, are now part of formal procurement committees. Being top of mind with teachers is a requirement for brands targeting education. And you can bet your competitors know that.  

 Teachers are key influencers in purchase decisions.

Education is a calling, and educators take their mission personally. They prefer brands that engender trust and are helpful and responsible. Social media is a platform where you can showcase your brand’s commitment to education and build relationships that will lead to brand awareness, openness, and ultimately loyalty.

 Establishing your brand as a trusted ally is the key to social selling.

Like people, each social media channel has its own personality.

Facebook is chatty and personal, Pinterest is focused and visual, Twitter is topical and of-the-moment.


How do you know what’s right for your brand? 

We’re glad you asked, and over the next seven weeks, we’ll guide you through the process of setting the right social strategy for your brand: choosing the right channels, crafting posts that teachers retweet, share, or pin, and establishing your brand as a smart, helpful “friend.”   




This week, I’ll start with the question I get the most:

Q: Isn’t ROI for social campaigns hard to track?

A: Different, yes. Hard, no. I prefer to call it ROE, Return On Engagement. In fact, we’ll be talking in-depth about what to measure in every channel, what qualifies as engagement, and how to identify your return on social campaigns in Week 8.

Stay social!
Social Gal

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