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How to Craft Winning Email Creative

Expert Tips and Examples

December 11, 2012

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In this webinar, MDR’s panel of experts reviewed examples of real email creativeósubmitted by businesses like yoursóand offered best practice-based tips and ideas to optimize the messaging and graphics.

Participants saw:

  • A before and after comparison example, demonstrating modifications made to the original email creative to get better results
  • Several additional examples of email creative from businesses looking for input and our expert panel’s advice on how to improve each one
  • An informative wrap-up highlighting best practices for better ROI in e-marketing

Our Expert Panel

Carrie Estrada
Marketing Manager, Education, Apperson

Carrie Estrada, Apperson’s Education Marketing Manager, has been in the education industry going on three years. Prior to joining Apperson, Carrie worked for eight years in marketing for a balloon wholesale distribution company, where she was instrumental in getting them into a dynamic web platform with ecommerce as well as introducing them to social media.

During her brief tenure, Carrie has brought Apperson into the online help platform by creating easy to follow how-to videos for their software programs as well as creating and conducting weekly training webinars. Carrie is known as the face of Apperson as she is frequently interfacing with their customers at various venues to ensure they are having the best user experience.

Kerry Bobeczko
Marketing Manager, Apperson

Kerry Bobeczko, Apperson’s Marketing Manager, has been in the education industry for approximately five years. Prior to joining Apperson, Kerry worked for six years in marketing for the construction industry, where she was instrumental in increasing revenues for her employer by 300% in addition to getting them ranked among the Top 25 Construction Innovators in the world.

Kerry brought Apperson into the digital era of marketing by introducing them to email, social media, CMS website management, and web advertising. In addition, Kerry recently led a companywide rebranding initiative that ultimately better positioned Apperson’s marketing messaging to focus on the core value and benefits of the products they sell.

Chris Ziemnicki
Vice President, Product Development, MDR

Since joining MDR in 2004, Chris Ziemnicki has been instrumental in developing and managing some of MDR’s most successful marketing products, including a broad suite of best-in-class Email Marketing Solutions. Currently leading MDR’s product development, he also acts as chief strategic interactive marketing consultant to MDR customers, directing MDR’s industry-leading educational digital marketing research and best practices efforts. Most recently, Chris launched the industry’s first display advertising solution that exclusively targets educators and expands MDR’s offerings to the digital web advertising space.

A co-author of four of MDR’s annual email trends reports, Chris has also published numerous email white papers and best practices guides. He is a frequent panelist at education marketing industry events, such as AEP and EdNET, and presents regularly on MDR educational marketing webinars.

Derek Fairfield
Leader, E-Marketing Solutions, MDR

Derek Fairfield currently leads e-marketing product development at MDR. Previously, Derek managed MDR’s Sales Solution product line as well as its Analytics products. Derek also acts as a strategic consultant for MDR’s interactive marketing customers and directs MDR’s industry-leading e-marketing research and best practices efforts.

Before joining MDR, Derek designed, developed, and deployed B2C and B2B marketing strategies and programs for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. In 1997, Derek led an account team that won a DMA Echo Award for online lead generation and email acquisition campaigns. Derek is a strong advocate for e-marketing in the education industry and general marketing best practices.