File Cleaning and Optimization

Get More Mileage Out of Your Mailings

A well-tuned file will increase your response rates, improve performance, and save you money. MDR’s File Cleaning and Optimization process begins with customer file enhancement.

Eliminate Duplication and Save Money With Smart Merge/Purge™

Remove wasteful duplication between lists with Smart Merge/Purge, the only merge/purge service specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the education marketer. This powerful tool will enhance your customer file and other lists so you get the best delivery rate possible.

Educator Delete Database (An MDR Exclusive) – Identify those customers no longer at a school or college, ensuring that your mailings reach valid contacts.

File Cleaning – Match your customer file to MDR’s industry-standard information to guarantee correctness and deliverability. Eliminate closed schools and wasteful duplication.