Extensive Cross-Channel Tracking

Our unbeatable multichannel engagement data allows us to see how educators are interacting with online content across channels and devices, using MDR’s precision tracking solutions to observe and detect patterns in educator’s online behavior.




  • As the leader in education marketing, we execute thousands of campaigns every month, giving us exclusive access to hundreds of millions of impressions.
  • Every time an educator clicks on an email or visits a landing page, a cookie is placed on their browser to trace their digital footprints across channels and devices, so we can understand how educators are engaging with online content.
  • We integrate this online educator data with our offline repository of demographic information in order to construct highly targeted educator audiences.
  • Within our database you can segment by 345 different job codes, 18 segments of household income, and 12 ranges of school types.
  • As a result, you can expertly and easily construct your target audience, while understanding when and where you are most likely to engage them.

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