MDR’s Email Hot Leads

Follow up with your hottest prospects while their interest is fresh!

MDR’s Hot Leads give you the contact information for potential customers while your email campaign is under way. Since these individuals have already seen your marketing message and taken some action, they are a highly profitable group of leads to follow up on.

What Can You Do With Your Hot Leads?

Hot Leads are available with all email campaigns and can be used for all forms of customer follow-up, including phone, fax, direct mail, and email.

How Does Hot Leads Work?

Order and deploy an MDR E-Marketing Campaign as you normally would. Once your campaign reports are ready (about 24 hours after deployment), you will have the option to download your Hot Leads. These will be all the people who have responded to your email campaign up to that point in time.

Once you download your Hot Leads, you can begin following up on your best prospects while they are still HOT!

You will download a file that has the following data for all those who have opened or clicked a link within the email of your current campaign:

First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
Address 1
Address 2
Zip Code
Phone Number
Fax Number
Deployment Date
PID Number
NID Number
MDR Order Number
ECM Campaign ID
MDR Segment ID
Campaign Name
Clicked Flag* (if they clicked a link in the email)
Job Title
Grade Range Code**
A link to your HTML creative in the ECM system
Cell Indicator***

*Clicked Flag indicates (Y or N) if a link in the email was clicked.
**Grade Range Code is the standard MDR Grade Range keycode. Click here for MDR’s Keycode Definition Guide.
***Cell Indicator indicates which deployment the Hot Lead came from:

  • MAIN = from Main campaign or C cell of Test & Roll
  • NR1 = from Non-Responder 1 campaign
  • NR2 = from Non-Responder 2 campaign
  • NR3 = from Non-Responder 3 campaign
  • A = from A Cell of Split or Test & Roll campaign
  • B = from B Cell of Split or Test & Roll campaign

You can use this data in your contact management system, sort it by enrollment or job title, and even view the email creative that was sent to this lead.

Hot Leads Triggers

Now you can get even more value from your Hot Leads with a Hot Leads Trigger email. You provide us with the Hot Leads Trigger messaging, and we’ll automatically deploy your follow-up message to campaign responders, either your opens or clicks…you choose!

How Hot Leads Triggers Work:


Hot Leads Trigger response emails perform extremely well for MDR customers, so it is an effective way to add more value and ROI to your email campaigns.

What If I Decide I Want Hot Leads at a Later Date?

You can always decide to come back and get your Hot Leads at any time after your campaign has deployed; however, we recommend that you get them and start following up sooner rather than later! To download Hot Leads after the fact, simply click the link in your ECM Campaign Notification email and look for the Hot Leads section on the ECM reporting page. If you no longer have your ECM Campaign Notification email, just call your MDR Representative, and they will be happy to take care of it for you.

Five Ways to Turn Campaign Responders Into Loyal Customers

1. Show Them Your Appreciation
Thank educators on your Hot Leads list for their interest in your product or service with a current discount or promotion. You could also create a special offer for this specific audience, whether it’s a free trial or subscription, an exclusive discount, etc. This is an ideal way to continue their positive interactions with your brand and encourage them to stay engaged.

2. Help Them Get to Know You
Create a messaging campaign just for this audience, giving them more in-depth information about your company, product, or service. It’s a perfect opportunity to help them understand your unique value to educators!

3. Put Them in the Loop
Send program participants an opt-in to your email or newsletter communications and/or include them in your direct mailing lists. By including them in your various communication touchpoints, you can continue to keep them engaged and interested.

4. Get Social
Invite these educators to join your online community by asking them to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any of your other social media channels.

5. Request Their Feedback
Reach out to your leads and ask them to submit reviews or testimonials or complete surveys to inform your future marketing or product development. Add reviews and testimonials to your website and/or highlight them on your social media platforms.

All of these strategies will help you continue to build relationships with each of your Hot Leads, creating trust in your brand and ultimately turning these campaign responders into loyal customers.


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