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Email is the backbone of any digital marketing program. With reach to millions of educators, MDR is the leader in Email Marketing because we constantly update our comprehensive contacts, innovate on delivery and reporting, and apply learnings from thousands of customer campaigns to make your marketing more effective.

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NEW! Email Response Insight
MDR’s Email Response Insight services provide you with technical analysis of current email practices with an action plan to improve delivery and response rates based on proven methodologies. Many variables determine the effectiveness of your email program; the quality of your data is one, but ever-changing technical and industry trends are another. We’ll thoroughly examine those trends with you, discussing the impact they may be having on your email results, and even exploring ways to use them to your advantage.
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NEW! Email Optimization Service
MDR’s Email Optimization Service is an exclusive consulting solution designed to improve your email performance when targeting an educator audience. Our team of experts will thoroughly examine every aspect of your current email marketing program.
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Email Campaign Manager (ECM) Dashboard
Easily access all of your email campaigns from a single dashboard. Quickly see your overall performance trends, build powerful custom reports on campaigns, gain easy access to all deployed campaigns and campaigns in progress, and export details for all deployed campaigns with expanded detail.
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Email Hot Leads
Deliver qualified leads to your sales force for immediate follow-up. 
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Hot Leads Triggers
Automatically send follow-up messages to your campaign responders. 
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Campaign Follow-Up Triggers
Create email programs to automatically send follow-up messages to responders and up to three additional emails to non-responders. 
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Email Test and Roll 
Deploy different versions of your message to subsets of your list, determine which message has the best results, and then deploy the winning creative to the balance of your list—all within a single campaign. 
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MDR is offering two NEW programs for marketers looking to improve email campaign performance.

Learn how MDR’s Email Response Insight gives you a technical analysis of current email practices with an action plan to improve delivery. 


Learn about MDR’s Email Optimization Service which provides an exclusive consulting solution to improve your email performance when targeting educators.


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