Education Database

Build Solid Solutions From Solid Data

Every successful marketing program starts with data. Our customers rely on MDR’s education market coverage, reliability, and proven, accurate contacts—from preschool to college, including public libraries. Our data and expertise in the education market are the foundation of your marketing programs―from direct marketing to digital advertising to social programs.

K-12 Market

MDR updates school and educator information throughout the school year, including building-level selections in public, private, and Catholic schools; regional centers; county centers; or districts and dioceses. Choose from over 6 million educators—principals, teachers, and district-level administrators—by name or job title. Create highly targeted campaigns with over 300 building-level selects, 400+ job functions, detailed demographic and personal data, and buyer selects. 

College Market

MDR provides you with data on 100% of all two- and four-year colleges and universities in the U.S., including all main and branch campuses. Build relationships with faculty, administrators, and decision makers with selects that allow you to target a specific discipline or subject, school type, and many more options. Select from over 1.6 million faculty from 23 disciplines in more than 7,700 higher ed institutions across 4,200 specific course titles. 

Early Childhood Market

MDR responds to the demand for services to this growing market by tracking day care centers and chains, directors, special programs, funding, and more to help you effectively reach early childhood educators in schools and day care centers. Choose buildings and personnel by day care types or specific chains. Narrow your audience by capacity, age range, funding, average tuition, and more. Expand your reach to children’s librarians, elementary school teachers, and Canadian elementary schools.


The library market is made up of several subsets—each serving a unique set of patrons. Public libraries are developing an innovative set of services for their communities, including online-ready reference services, book clubs, story time, and general public services. School libraries are playing larger roles in curriculum support, professional development, and technology integration. And academic libraries are developing innovative new ways to serve traditional, distance, part-time, and lifelong students. MDR collects the data you need to reach all of these library segments.

Educators at Home

MDR’s unique, proprietary matching process allows us to link Educators at Home to a K-12, higher education, public library, or day care institution. This linking process offers the largest opportunity for targeting educators by any MDR selection, such as job title, college course code, household demographics, and buyer selections.