EdNET Insight

The Trusted Source of Market Intelligence

EdNET Insight is the education industry’s trusted source for information about the current state of the K-12 market and the game-changing trends that impact educators and administrators as well as the companies and organizations that serve them. EdNET Insight combines the proven power of research and analysis with recognized industry experts to deliver an insightful, comprehensive view of the trends and influences that are shaping the education market today—and tomorrow.

EdNET Insight…Information You Can Count On

EdNET Insight’s information combines the power of research and analysis so that you can make strategic and tactical decisions with dependable insight to:

  • Drive product development priorities
  • Allocate sales resources effectively
  • Plan your marketing strategy
  • Identify partnership or new business opportunities

EdNET Insight reports are based upon a combination of large-scale surveys, secondary research, interviews, and the insight provided by authors with deep expertise in the field of education. Each report offers insightful analysis of important topics and trends in the education industry and offers key takeaways and recommendations.

State of the K-12 Market Report 2016 Series

The annual report is being replaced by a series of four new reports each of which is based on large-scale surveys and published throughout the school year. Each report is based on a survey to one of the following key stakeholders: Technology Directors, Instructional Directors, Principals, and Teachers. Each will be authored by industry analysts, contain figures and tables with survey findings, include results from secondary research and interviews, and offer key takeaways and recommendations. The first in the series will be published in the fall 2016.

Insight Reports

Strategic topics in K-12 education and the education industry are explored in each of several reports published throughout the year. Each report is 30-50 pages in length and is based upon either original surveys or secondary research, and often include interviews to offer a well-rounded view of the topic. Insight Reports published in Fall of 2016 include The Evolution of Professional Development to Professional Learning and Multiple Student Devices – Challenges Facing Providers. Past report topics have explored The Move From Print Toward Digital, Interoperability, Classroom Assessments, Special Education, and School Libraries in the Digital Age.

State of the K-12 Market: Annual Report Published 2010-2015

A comprehensive overview of the K-12 education market based on large-scale surveys of hundreds of instructional and technology district-level decision makers and authored by highly regarded industry analysts. Each annual report includes an overview of the K-12 environment, instructional materials and assessments, educational technologies and enterprise software, and an executive summary. Each annual report contains over 500 pages with 400 tables and figures. Unbiased, actionable information is provided to assist in allocating resources, assessing risks and opportunities, and making tactical and strategic plans. It is a “must have resource” for anyone who needs to understand the state of K-12 education today and the trends that are shaping opportunities for providers of products and services.

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