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EdNET 2016 “Think Ahead” Conference Promises Industry Leaders New Strategies For The New Reality in Education

Shelton, Connecticut, September 8, 2016 – In a mission to support U.S. educators in transforming the teaching and learning landscape for millions of PreK-12 students, many of the nation’s top education innovators and industry leaders will make their way to Dallas, Texas this month to attend EdNET 2016.

EdNET is an exclusive venue for entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofits, and philanthropists who develop, fund, and sell products and services to schools and districts in the U.S. and beyond.

This year’s Think Ahead conference will be held September 25-27th and promises to take a deep dive into new strategies for the new reality of public education and its impact on providers and suppliers.

Hosted by MDR, EdNET is recognized for its stellar Advisory Board and for its unique networking framework to enable attendees to forge new partnerships while learning about today’s educators, their needs, and current initiatives that can bring large returns on their investments.

“EdNET topics are never dull, and the competitive advantages are unprecedented,” says Robert Iskander, General Manager of West Corporation’s Education group, known for its SchoolMessenger solutions. Iskander describes the conference as a “must-do” for busy executives who rarely get the time to collaborate about what’s hot and trending in education, and for digital marketers who must evolve their creative marketing programs to connect with new prospects and loyal customers.

EdNET 2016 keynotes will focus on the future of education in the era of knowledge velocity and H2H “human to human” modern marketing transformation. Additional topics target:

  • The View Ahead – Responding to the latest requirements and policies taking shape for lawmakers, state leaders, and service providers.
  • From The Front Lines – Superintendents, administrators, and teachers share what they need from providers and suppliers who wish to help them shape their vision for education.
  • First-Hand Intelligence – Exclusive MDR Marketing Playbook sessions. Attendees learn the latest integrated best practices to connect with and nurture educators through email, data automation, storytelling, and social media.

Vicki Smith Bigham, Conference Manager says, “There are always changes in education, especially with the passing of the Every Student Succeeds Act and the pending presidential election. Our attendees are the thought leaders from many of the fastest growing companies and startups in our industry. These individuals clearly seek to understand the issues, and challenges facing one of the nation’s most important sectors with core curriculum, supplemental materials, and services. They are the rainmakers who play an essential role in helping to prepare the next generation of learners for a promising future.”

The Education Technology Industry Association, an education trade association and division of the Software & Information Industry Association, reports U.S. education is rapidly becoming a $1 trillion industry representing 10% of America’s GNP and second in size only to the health care industry. Federal and State expenditures exceed $750 billion. Education companies, with over $80 billion in annual revenues, constitute a large sector in the education arena.

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