Digital Advertising

Put Your Ad in Front of Educators

How can you get the most for your ad dollar in the rapidly changing world of social and web advertising? Gone are the days when you had to compete for limited ad space on a few relevant websites, waiting for the right people to view your ad there. MDR’s Digital Advertising Solutions help you maximize your ad spend—from targeted banner ads to promoted tweets. You get guaranteed placement in front of a known educator every time your ad is shown.

Our cutting-edge “implicit targeting” capability serves your ad to target educators whenever they go on the web. As they surf the web, the ads find them.

A Perfect Complement to Your Integrated Digital Strategy

The most successful marketing programs today leverage multiple channels. MDR’s strategists can help you build an effective, integrated Digital Advertising Solutions strategy across channels to maximize attention to your brand and services.

Because educators are active social media users, including Social Advertising in your strategy is an excellent way to reach the audience you want to influence.

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