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Inaccurate school data may actually be costing you…and educators.

Maintaining web content is difficult for every organization. Even when you have a full-time web team, it’s time-consuming. Educators’ focus is rightly on student outcomes, not updating websites. Waiting for school or district-sourced data to be updated may be coming at a steep cost to you in lost marketing time and useless leads.


We’re Passionate About the Power of Data

MDR’s passion and priority is data. In MDR, you have a partner that specializes in data quality, not as a task, but as the core of our business. You don’t have to rely on data from overburdened educators, who we’d all prefer spend their time and resources on students. We’ve staked our reputation on this process because our clients stake their business fortunes on the quality of our data. And we’ve invested in people with the skills and tenacity to deliver on our promise.

MDR’s Dynamic Data Difference Can Help

Our time-tested process for maintaining accurate data for the ever-changing school market takes crucial steps to ensure that you get the most recent data available. 

Learn more about how we:

  • Assemble Educator Data
  • Investigate to Find Errors or Omissions
  • Validate the Quality of Our Data

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