Connected Reach


Want to reach 5th grade math teachers? High school science teachers in the Midwest? School administrators and IT decision makers in California and Vermont? And reach them across channels and devices—with maximum results?

You can, with Connected Reach™ by MDR.ConnectedReachCircle_FPO

Connected Reach lets you target just about every type of educator, no matter where they work and no matter where they go online.

If someone in your target audience uses email, social media, mobile apps, or visits the web, Connected Reach will help you engage them. It’s MDR’s premiere multi-channel marketing approach to help you reach educators with great accuracy. So how does Connected Reach work exactly?

Let’s take a look at the three main principles that make up MDR’s Connected Reach approach:

  1. Best-in-Class Educator Data →
  2. Extensive Cross-Channel Tracking →
  3. Multi-Channel Expertise →

MDR Knows Educators and We Know Marketing

By integrating our unrivaled online tracking capabilities with our offline demographic database, we ensure that your message winds up in front of your target audience – on their schedule, no matter where they go online and no matter what device they use.

So that message you wanted to reach the 2nd grade teacher in Vermont, reached her mobile email on Wednesday afternoon when she was corresponding with a student, and on Friday morning, when preparing for her math lesson, your ad popped up on her favorite site.

MDR knows educators, and we know marketing. Connected Reach™ by MDR is
changing the way brands reach an increasingly elusive educator audience. It
combines the power of precision with the scale of multi-channel marketing to drive highly relevant and engaging messaging for marketers. MDR invites you to Grow with us.

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