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Charter Universe Emerges as a Fast-Growing Segment in the Education Market

Exclusive MDR data helps marketers effectively reach this opportune audience.

August 19, 2013 – The charter school universe is a fast-growing and well-funded market segment. With a 12% enrollment increase over the past five years, charter schools are a key segment for education marketers to integrate into their strategic plans.

In an exclusive offering to arm marketers with information vital to capturing this market segment, MDR has added Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) to its unparalleled database.

Current market trends indicate that the charter school segment is a critical part of the future of education. “The U.S. Department of Education and a number of influential school reform groups see charter schools as an important vehicle for reform, especially in situations where student access to top-performing schools is limited,” says Anne Wujcik, Senior Analyst for MDR. “Given that view, it seems likely that charter schools will continue to show significant growth in the coming years.” (To learn more about the ongoing growth of charter schools, view our infographic.)

To help marketers add this segment to their plans, MDR has compiled a list of 293 CMOs, the private institutions that manage the day-to-day operations of over a quarter (1,566) of the charter schools in the entire charter school universe. Over 30% of charter school students attend a school managed by a CMO, and MDR has cataloged these institutions, created linkages to the schools they manage, and identified over 442 influential leaders in the expanding charter school segment.

Charter schools receive some public funding and are accountable to a public body. Recent Charter School Program federal grants to large CMO networks ($10.3 million for KIPP and $4.1 million for Discovery Prep) are designed to expand, replicate, and continue their success. According to Chris Ziemnicki, MDR’s Vice President of Product Development, this framework and accountability can work to marketers’ advantage. “While CMOs are well-funded, they are also contracted to produce results in a given time frame. That pressure influences what products they buy,” says Ziemnicki. “With MDR’s new data on CMOs and the linkage to the schools they manage, we can help education marketers target the schools that will be using their products and services and reach the budgetary decision makers at the CMOs that manage these schools with value-driven messaging tailored to this unique audience.”

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