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Book Launch Gets Boost From Social Media and Advocacy

The Challenge

A major publisher wanted to drive awareness with both educators and youth for the launch of an adventure book for young readers and expand the fan base.

The Solution

MDR connected the publisher with middle-grade educators across the country that had strong social media/blogging skills and were most likely to share the book in their schools as well as externally through outreach efforts.

MDR created a two-part Facebook campaign. Part 1 utilized a Facebook app and email outreach to enlist ten middle-grade educators experienced in social media outreach/blogging to become part of the Educators Advance Team. Part 2 tasked the Advance Team to spend six weeks promoting the book both at school and via social media outreach. All actions had to be quantifiable, but it was left up to the Advance Team members how they best wanted to demonstrate their outreach efforts.

The Toolkit

  • Social Media
  • Facebook App
  • Blogger Advocacy
  • Blog Entries
  • Email

The Result

The Educators Advance Team generated 191,469 impressions. Highlights of the team included Edublog articles, read by more than 3,000 people; posts on more than 40 Facebook pages, including a Saturday Shout-Out that reached 10,000 views; a YouTube video about the book, starring kid readers, that had over 1,200 views; a school-wide pirate day, attended by more than 800 students; and a newspaper article distributed to a circulation of 17,854 and viewed 111,352 times online.

“The New York Times best-selling author of the book posted a link to our program on his Facebook page touting it as one of the most creative marketing campaigns that he had seen in the publishing world. The client noted that the results they saw from this campaign were not only extensive (almost 200,000 impressions!), but that they were also compelling as real teachers were talking about their real feelings about the book in an organic way.”

– Erin MacPherson, Project Manager, MDR



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