Best-in-Class Educator Data

All of our current education marketing capabilities are rooted in our long history of researching, compiling, and analyzing the most definitive repository of education data in the industry and then offering it to our customers.




  •  MDR offers comprehensive data on not only teachers, but on administrators, librarians, daycare directors, and other education professionals to give you a holistic view on how to reach ALL key decision makers in the industry.
  • Our data is more than a list of educator names and emails. It includes all of the essential details to make creating and reaching your audience easy, including grade level, household income, home address, etc.
  • Our analytics team tests our data daily and applies hundreds of automated quality checks to make sure it’s accurate and current.
  • We use rigorous third party accuracy audits to certify our world-class coverage and completeness. We then certify our data to ensure you have the most accurate educator audience information available to you.

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