Be Heard

Today, where and how you reach educators is as important as who you reach.

MDR’s Amplifier suite of digital marketing solutions gives you unprecedented connectivity to educators for powerful, multi-channel engagement. Amplifier makes it easy to boost your email campaigns by using a combination of web ads, Twitter, Facebook, and the powerful WeAreTeachers voice in social media to bring your message to educators.

Amplifier is designed to expand your reach, connect with educators, and help you be heard.


Choose the level of engagement that makes the most sense for your campaign:


Extend the impact of your campaigns when you include digital ad impressions to your email campaigns. Choose either Targeted Web Ads (250,000 impressions) OR Targeted Facebook Network Social Ads (100,000 impressions) to boost campaign effectiveness.

  • MDR’s Targeted Web Ads serve your banners to known educators as they travel across the web
  • Social Ads on the Facebook Audience Network serves targeted ads to MDR’s educator audience on Facebook
  • Powered by the MDR database, you know you are reaching educators


Add the power of the WeAreTeachers editorial staff and social reach to expand your reach to an enthusiastic and engaged audience! Connect with these followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter with a WeAreTeachers Social Share. Targeted Web Ads (250,000 impressions) are included in this package. 

  • Social Share content is developed by WeAreTeachers to deliver your content in a voice proven to engage educators
  • The largest engaged educator audience on social channels­­
  • 250,000 Targeted Web Ad impressions


Amplify the Basic package with both Targeted Web Ads AND Targeted Facebook Network Social Ads.

  • 250,000 Targeted Web Ad impressions
  • 100,000 Facebook Audience Network Social Ad impressions
  • Impressions served to known educators


Be heard! Put all of these digital solutions to work for you and take advantage of MDR’s  connectivity to online educator audiences. Connect with the largest engaged educator audience on social channels with:

  • ­­One Social Share to engage educators with relevant and valuable content via WeAreTeachers Facebook and Twitter channels
  • 250,000 Targeted Web Ad impressions
  • 100,000 Facebook Audience Network Social Ad impressions


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