Analytics and Modeling

Get to Know Your Customers

Your best-performing customers and prospects have characteristics in common. Uncover these patterns using MDR’s comprehensive, easy-to-use analytics and modeling services to pinpoint high-potential prospects who look like your best customers.

Find out what market forces are driving your business with detailed, actionable information from:

Affinity Modeling
Our custom marketing intelligence tool explains, defines, and scores the education market for you. Learn more →

Customer Name Matching
Match your customer data to the MDR database to get an accurate, detailed view of your customers.

Pinpoint your best-prospecting opportunities by combining customer information with MDR’s demographically rich data. Learn more →

Profile your customers to:

  • Find your best-performing customer segments
  • Identify new product opportunities within customer segments
  • Deliver targeted messages to prospects and customers based on the characteristics of your customer set
  • Increase ROI by eliminating unprofitable segments from mailings
  • Improve sales reporting and analysis with a customer database that provides a complete picture of your opportunity

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Start finding new opportunities for your business within your current customer database with a free match quote from MDR.

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